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Blovedream: Your Premier Android Handheld Barcode Scanner Provider

In the world of industrial-grade PDA products, Blovedream stands out as a leading brand dedicated to providing customers with innovative, reliable, and multi-choice solutions. With a diverse range of handheld barcode scanners and a commitment to excellence, Blovedream is the go-to Android handheld barcode scanner provider for businesses seeking efficiency and intelligence.

Unveiling the Blovedream Advantage

When it comes to Android handheld barcode scanners, Blovedream’s commitment to excellence is evident. Offering both OEM and ODM services, Blovedream ensures that every customer’s specific needs are met. Whether you need a customized button design, startup animation, or a unique solution, Blovedream has got you covered.

The N41 Series: Unleashing Efficiency

Among Blovedream’s impressive lineup, the N41 series takes the spotlight. Blovedream’s android handheld barcode scanner, the N41, is a game-changer in the industry. Equipped with a Qualcomm quad-core 2.0GHz CPU, this scanner not only runs at lightning speed but also offers seamless operation with the Android 10.0 system.

Power and Precision

The N41 ensures businesses benefit from both power and precision. With its high-performance chip recognition rate, it can scan various barcode types, even damaged, twisted, or stained ones. The scanner is designed to read and write RFID tags at a maximum distance of 11 meters, making it a powerful solution for enterprises looking to optimize their inventory and data collection processes.

Durable and Reliable

The N41 android handheld barcode scanner is built to last. Its IP65 industrial-grade protection ensures it can withstand harsh environments, making it perfect for businesses in need of a robust and reliable scanning solution. The 3750mAh large-capacity battery ensures continuous operation throughout the workday, providing an impressive 12+ hours of endurance.


Blovedream’s Android handheld barcode scanner solutions, particularly the N41 series, are setting new standards in the industry. With a focus on power, precision, and durability, Blovedream is the ultimate choice for businesses seeking efficiency and intelligence in their operations. Whether you require OEM or ODM services, Blovedream is ready to deliver the perfect solution for your specific needs. Choose Blovedream and experience the future of Android handheld barcode scanning.

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