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5 Dapper Street Style in Men Wear

Street Style in Men Wear

There is a saying that style goes beyond fashion. Thus you just need a creativity in you to get something out of the box. Some time you do not need big brands and expensive wear to look.

So forget the runways or trends or window displays make the street the expression of creativity. It is where style is born and now with the advanced social media followed by masses. Hence the street is more than just the video of random people.

It’s where a city finds its soul, and dedication to create something new. Well for evidence if you want to know what’s going on in Paris or New York you look around the people they are the real picture of what is happening around. You can create your own look at economical price from Noon promo code.

These street style could be created from all the clothes that are already present in your wardrobe. These fashion trends are unapologetic and self-expression of an individual. These fashion trends also give more masculine touch to personality. As the street style give you rugged and rough look. These style is popular among youth as it is easy to create and available to masses of the people. Here is the comprehensive list of street style clothes which make you look dapper.

1 – Baggy Jeans

They say the baggier, the better. The baggy jeans capture the market with their unique and comfortable style. It is a vintage-inspired outfit which was very popular in the past.

It’s a wide-leg silhouette with much more volume in the leg. These jeans are secure around your waistline and loosely taper down the leg for a sophisticated look. To give the baggy jeans an epic look you need to balance your outfit with fitted t-shirts. It’s important to create the shape of the whole outfit.

You can style it up with a crop top of contrasting colors to balance the outfits. Some people go with oversized sweaters and jackets. These looks are promoted by many celebrities. You can easily accessorize it with different stylish bags and heels or boots. These baggy jeans are super comfortable and made of breathable fabrics

2- Long Coats

 A long coat is the inspired from the 90 style where people used to wear long coat and hats to the offices. All the elites of that time wear the style like that. Long coats prime purpose is to save the body from cold and harsh weather condition. The long coats are of different styles like open from front or close upfront. The long coats are available in different colors and match with several outfits. These long coats are made up cotton, wool, and much more.

3- Shawls

 Shawls are conservative and traditional clothing items. It’s commonly worn by many men in winter. It’s an integral part of many cultures. The best part about this clothing item is its various patterns, designs, and colors. It gives you a traditional yet classy look with its vibrant colors. It could be accessorized with a salwar kameez and even a western outfit. Although shawls are often associated with women but cannot be exclusively feminine.

Men wear shawls too, that flatter masculinity a lot as the effect is just different. Women usually take shawls on their heads or warp them around their backs or shoulders. But the way men wrap the shawl around their necks or themselves shows his nobility and uniqueness.

4- Vintage Tunic

The tunic is a very old style of medieval-era clothes which gives us a glimpse of ancient times. These are the most common dress worn by all men and women. The simplest kind of tunic is fabricated by sewing two pieces of clothing. Their sleeves can be fabricated according to the preferred length. They are usually up to the waist and for older men it’s longer than that. It is made up of breathable cotton.

These dresses consist of classy embroidery around the neck which could be round or any other shape. These tunics give a modest and humble appearance to men. At the same time, tunics could be worn on different traditional occasions. These tunics are available in a variety of colors which give a masculine appearance.

5- Cotton Shirts

They are men with short-sleeved jerseys made up of cotton. It has a low collar neck, snap fasteners, and inner neck tape. These shirts are used in daily household house. Polo shirts are the versatile and most functional outfit for men. These shirts are highly functional and can be wear on any occasion. These polo shirts could be paired up with jeans. These polo shirts are inspired by the game polo where players adapted this style due to its sophistication and practicality. It is a blend of casual fashion and athleticism.

It could be available in a regular fit, body-fitted, or baggy style. These shirts are lightweight thus available in every season. They are usually paired with jeans and shorts.

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